Basel Akasha

Software Developer and Founder at TechHeart


I am someone who thinks differently and critically. My passion for technology combined with my curiosity led me to learn to program. I continued developing my software development skills using self-learning methods, taking online courses and reading books. I like to try things out as I enjoy learning and gaining new skills.


  • Capable of communicating with the clients and analyse business requirements.
  • Software project planning and managing competency.
  • Skilled in Web Development(HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, React, PHP, SQL, Node.js, Nextjs, Git …).
  • Well acquainted with web accessibility, and capable of applying accessibility principles to web development and demonstrate the business case of it.
  • Ability to construct a clean, readable and maintainable software
  • Capable of writing unit tests, and construct software with Test-Driven Development
  • Knowledgeable about user Interface design fundamentals
  • Conversant with several programming languages(C, Python, C++, C#).

Work Experience

Software Developer and Co-Founder

Mar 2021 - Present

Software Developer and Founder

Aug 2020 - Present

Web Developer

Nov 2019 - Dec 2020

Learning Resources Translator (Remote)

Raspberry Pi Foundation
Aug 2019 - Apr 2020
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